About Me

IMG_8981I am a fourth-year PhD candidate in Sociology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently living in São Paulo, Brazil, conducting 15 months of ethnographic fieldwork re: how inequalities unfold in community health settings among immigrants to Brazil. To imagine what this looks like in the day-to-day, check out a few pictures here. This work is supported by a Fulbright research grant and a Boren fellowship.

Prior to returning to graduate school, I was the managing director of the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities (SexLab) at the University of Michigan, under the mentorship of Dr. José Bauermeister. As part of the SexLab, I conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research on HIV/STI prevention among queer and transgender youth. Check out my CV here.

As for the personal stuff : my work is supported day in, day out, by my partner-in-crime Renato and my 8-year-old, Emerson. They have willingly disrupted their lives to follow me to São Paulo, which certainly makes fieldwork a less than lonely enterprise.

Academic knowledge production cannot occur in a vacuum. My family, friends, colleagues, professors, funders, and collaborators in the field each add invaluable contributions to my (our) work.