About Me


I am a sixth-year PhD candidate in Sociology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2018-2019, I conducted 15 months of ethnographic fieldwork in a community primary care clinic in São Paulo, Brazil. I investigated how community health workers navigate relationships with immigrant patients in the Bom Retiro neighborhood. My dissertation, entitled “Primary Care and the Reproduction of Health Inequity in a Central São Paulo Neighborhood” was supported by a Fulbright research grant and a Boren fellowship. You can check out my CV here. This work would not have been possible without my amazing collaborators at the clinic and the support of the Lesser Research Collective.

Prior to returning to graduate school, I was the managing director of the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities (SexLab) at the University of Michigan, under the mentorship of Dr. José Bauermeister. As part of the SexLab, I conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research on HIV/STI prevention among queer and transgender youth.

As for the personal stuff : my work is supported day in, day out, by my partner Renato and our fourth grader, Emerson. They willingly disrupted their lives to follow me to São Paulo, which certainly made fieldwork a less lonely enterprise. Check out some images of the city here.

Academic knowledge production cannot occur in a vacuum. My family, friends, community partners, colleagues, professors, and funders each add invaluable contributions to my (our) work.