My intersecting commitments to medical sociology and public health inform my approach to teaching. My goal in teaching Social Aspects of Heath & Illness is to introduce students to the social determinants of health framework. To emphasize how the social world shapes health for populations and individuals alike, I expose students to quantitative and qualitative approaches to health research. I find that students at the undergraduate level respond to the stories contained in medical ethnographies and journalistic accounts. They use these experience-near accounts to imagine themselves into complex multi-level processes. Once they concretely perceive how social structures influence health, I bolster this new understanding by engaging them with quantitative studies in the classroom. We engage in digesting statistical and visual data on health outcomes together, such that they absorb not only the information but also the skill of data interpretation. Through this approach, I aim to make my classroom a space in which knowledge is mutually created and disseminated through dynamic interaction. As a teacher, I strive to undergird this environment with the values of respect and empathy – for one another and for the lives of those who inform and enrich sociological study.

Check out my syllabus for Sociological Aspects of Health and Illness:

Emory University Teaching Assistantships

Qualitative Analysis in Public Health” (Dr. Monique Hennink)

“Culture and Society” (Dr. Cassidy Puckett)

“Sociology of Health and Illness” (Dr. Ellen Idler)

Sociology of Mental Health and Well Being” (Dr. Corey Keyes)

“Introduction to Sociology” (Dr. Tracy Scott)

Courses Taught

“Socioogical Aspects of Health and Illness” (Undergraduate)

“Qualitative Methods in Public Health” (Graduate)